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Our Mission

For women to gain mental strength,

understand emotional intelligence combined with physical ability

to stay in control of life stressful circumstances.

You have enough of what you are going through,

we will show you that you are enough to change it.


Our Vision

For women to raise each other up.

Build a community where women support each other and not compete.
Providing women with the tools and skills to Resilience,

Well-being and Empower. Self-protection skills.

Our Values

We are authentic.
We are non-judgmental.
We respect each other.
We act with Integrity.
We are honest with each other and ourselves.
We value and celebrate diversity.


My Story

I am a Transformation and Wellbeing Coach/ Educator. Through my life experiences and a lot of studying, I have developed the ability to see the potential positive opportunities in almost every circumstance of life. I have been in the medical profession for over 20 years, working in Perioperative Care trained as Mental Health First Aider and qualified Trauma Risk Management Manager. Alongside my medical and mental health coaching certification, I am also a qualified Basic Self Defence Instructor.

I went through the process of ending an abusive relationship, surviving a stroke and cardiac surgery. At first, I did not know how to respond to any of the circumstances that I found myself in. I was left feeling confused and unsure who I was. This marked the beginning of my journey of self-development; a continuous process that I am now able to share with women across the world.

My first step was to change the negative thought patterns and habits that I had been carrying since I was a child, and that I thought were normal. I learnt through this process that in truth, there are no failures, only lessons and progress if you choose to learn and never give up.

If you allow a situation, a person, or thought, emotion or mood to control you it can make you feel paralyzed and think negatively. You can find yourself saying yes when you want to say no. After feeling depressed, low, demotivated, trapped, and not knowing HOW to move forward, I had to make a first step, I had to DECIDE to want to change and commit to it. It was not easy, but it was worth it. Now you can do it. I am here to support you in your process of change and make the decision… enough is ENOUGH.

Working together using a unique combination of emotional intelligence wellness and resilience coaching using many tools like Cognitive Behavioural Coaching with the physical Krav Maga training, we will develop your courage, self-awareness, self- knowledge with the ability to be comfortable within the uncomfortable, focus and develop mental strength and resilience.


Iwona King

Iwona is passionate to make a difference by Empowering Women in promoting over all well-being and Resilience. She has been a medical professional within the Peri-operative Care settings as a Registered Practitioner, a Mentor and for over 20 years. She also has experience as a Mental Health First Aider, Trauma Risk Practitioner and Manager. In recent years qualifying as a Krav Maga Basic Self Defence Instructor. As a Women’s Transformation and Wellness Coach with years of experience on a professional and personal level led Iwona on a journey of self-development using Cognitive Behavioural Coaching combined with the physicality and ethos of Krav Maga.  Though this she has developed mental strength, self-knowledge-, self-confidence and the ability to be comfortable within the uncomfortable. As an Ambassador of The World Healthy Living Foundation, European Campaign “I Live Consciously “She share's all her knowledge with women across the world with the Enough Project!


Lee Dennis

Lee Dennis is a world-renowned award winning Krav Maga and Self Defence Instructor and the founder of Krav Maga GB, an Official Krav Maga Alliance Training Centre delivering Authentic Krav Maga training worldwide. As well as being a highly qualified and experienced unarmed combat and self-defence instructor, Lee is a tactical firearms instructor that regularly trains UK Special Forces, British Military and Counter Terrorist Operators in unarmed combat skills. Lee also provides training on behalf of many domestic violence charities and delivered training on behalf of Kent Police and The Kent Police Commissioner.

Lee brings a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to the training session with many years of instructing and working in hostile environments! Lee's classes are always practical and informative.

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